Before they join us at the World Agri-Tech South America this June, we were pleased to speak to some of the most innovative growers from the region to learn more about their priorities, challenges, and the potential of technology to transform their production.

Tomas Balistiero, Head of Agriculture, CITROSUCO, BRAZIL

“At Citrosuco, we are focused to feed the world with natural and healthy products in a sustainable way. Climate change and earth transformations have been challenging all agriculture industries across the world and the citrus production is no different. Digital technologies are extremely necessary to help growers face challenges on the long term and support them to increase yields and improve efficiency in their process. Our work with SeeTree, using artificial and human intelligence, tree per tree, helps us to decodify the patterns, score the orchards and transform/optimize our management practices.”

Steve Magami, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, AGROVISION,

Steve Magami, Executive Chairman, AGROVISION, USA

“There is great potential with the development and use of digital technologies to increase the efficiency and profitability of berries. The parallel development of multiple technologies such as data transmission networks, sensors, prediction algorithms, IoT, and AI, among others, is allowing an acceleration in the capture, storage, processing and analysis of data.

In the case of agriculture, data is essential to capture and understand the heterogeneity of production at farm level, increase the efficiency of labor, reduce production costs and have up-to-date and accurate information for decision-making.
Within the berry value chain, the potential of digital technologies is developing in areas such as field, packing/processing plant, quality control, fruit logistics and international sales.

There is a huge number of start-ups and service providers that are developing crop monitoring and prediction technologies, drones and remote sensing images, low-cost sensors to capture farm data in real time, development of infrastructure for data transfer, among others, allowing the growth and widespread these technologies and getting feedback to improve the models and algorithms behind.
Many of the digital technologies are in a continuous process of development, learning and improvement of the technology developed to refine the results and make them more user-friendly. to the end user, which in most cases is the farmer. We are helping to iterate these technologies to advanced commercial versions that we can then integrate and build on across our business.”

Pilar Banados Ortiz, R&D Director, HORTIFRUT, PERU

Pilar Banados, Global Director of Development and Technical Support, HORTIFRUT, PERU

“Our mission at Hortifrut is to provide the best berries for the world every day. To do this, we grow our berries in traditional temperate regions, where berries are cultivated in the soil, in the open air or using different types of protections such us tunnels or nets. We also grow them in tropical and subtropical regions of the world, in the soil or using the most advanced soilless production systems.  These new environments have allowed Hortifrut to diversify, to increase the volume of fruit produced and to extend the production window.

To optimize flavor and nutrition, we develop and select new and improved berries at our breeding programs, where flavor and taste are key selecting traits.  To do this, we work with our customers to identify those flavors, sugar, acid levels, and textures that are preferred by our different clients around the globe.”

Fernando Degobbi, CEO, Coopercitrus

Fernando Degobbi, CEO, COOPERCITRUS

“Systematization and planting projects developed with algorithms and high resolution images captured by drones, combined with precision farming tools, will enable huge gains within the farms, such as, a bigger number of plants, soil conservation, maneuver reduction and results improvement.

Our agricultural technology area has more than 250 professionals who serve more than 8,000 members, with digital technology and precision agriculture services. We have algorithm developers that work with satellite images generating diagnoses of potential crop problems, flight plan for spray drones, automatic soil samplers, seed applicators and controllers with variable rate that are leased for services, performed by specialized technicians of the cooperative in small and medium properties, because due to specific use in the cultures phases, its acquisition by small and medium producers, in most cases, is financially unfeasible.”


Join the speaking growers at the virtual summit including: Pilar Banados at Hortifrut, Tomas Balistiero at Citrosuco and Steve Managimi at AgroVision, speaking on the panel ‘Digital Transformation of High Value Crops: Exploring Approaches, Innovations and Demand‘ at 2.10 BRT.

Plus Fernando Degobbi at Coopercitrus will share his insights on the Farmer Focus: Priorities, Opportunities and Investments and Q&A at 12.20 BRT on June 30.

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