Groundwork BioAg and its exclusive Brazilian distribution partner, NovaTero BioAg, announced another strong year of increased yield results from farmers who applied Rootella BR™ to their corn and soybean fields – setting the standard for biologicals in Brazil.

  • Increased corn hybrid yields between 8 to 39 percent and increased grain productivity in commercial soybean cultivars between 5 to 22 percent during the last three seasons over several soil types and climatic conditions across Brazil.
  • Rootella BR is the only mycorrhizal inoculant granted definitive commercial registration in Brazil, among the most important biologicals market with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 34 percent between 2018-2020. The Brazilian biological market is projected to show a double digit CAGR in the coming years.
  • National sales of Rootella BR increased by 50 to 80 percent each year since preliminary commercialization in 2018 and delivered consistent year-over-year growth 2019-2021.

“Brazil remains a key part of Groundwork BioAg’s global strategy. With continued global market expansion, we are on track to fulfill our mission to bring mycorrhiza – the queen of biologicals – to mainstream agriculture and help protect our planet,” said Dr. Yossi Kofman, Co-Founder and CEO of Groundwork BioAg. “As farmers aim to reduce the impact of climate change on farm productivity, we anticipate an increase in adoption of sustainable technologies – like our commercial scale mycorrhizal bio-platform – to support regenerative as well as conventional farming practices.”

“Since we started to use Rootella BR in our seed treatment, we began to observe along crop cycles that plants were healthier, roots were bigger, and the grain was better than in the non-treated parcels. Typically, it is difficult to see an immediate and continuous difference in the plants with other products,” said Gilberto Matanna, a well-known soybean and wheat farmer in Sertão, Rio Grande do Sul. “With soybeans, we had an increased yield of 9 sacks per hectare (13.2%) and in wheat we had a yield improvement of 9.3 sacks per hectare (21%).”

For the past three years, the companies’ exclusive partnership has delivered value to Brazilian farmers by providing access to this natural, cost-effective inoculant – and planted a flag for biologicals in Brazil’s over R$1 billion (over US$190 million) biologicals market.

“Based on consistent in-field product performance, farmers across Brazil are benefiting from Rootella’s proprietary formulation thereby ensuring significant yield increase and a complete return on investment,” said Bernardo Arnaud, NovaTero Chairman. “We’ve built a strong network of resellers across the country who are helping farmers access this novel sustainable bio-platform. When we began, everybody said it would be impossible to make this a household name for Brazilian farmers; now Rootella BR is recognized as one of the most versatile biological inputs in the country and we will grow more than 300% in 2021.”