Through this partnership, Bunge advances in consolidating an ecosystem of partners and solutions to support farmers transition to low carbon agriculture.

Bunge has signed a strategic partnership with xFarm Technologies, a tech company specializing in precision agriculture and digital solutions for smart farm management. The tech company joins the ecosystem of partners that Bunge has structured and will continue to expand to support participants in its Regenerative Agriculture Program in Brazil. The move also consolidates Bunge as a key player for the global acceleration of technologies, solutions and companies that address the challenges of the future of agriculture.

One of the pillars of the regenerative agriculture project is the efficient management of land, including the analysis of agronomic data, which is why xFarm Technologies’ solutions are part of a suite of tools that Bunge will provide free of charge to farmers who join its Program. The tech company will provide decision support systems (DSS) powered by artificial intelligence and fed with data collected by equipment installed in the field, such as weather stations and smart sensors, as well as satellite imagery. The solutions can be easily connected to different technologies and work in an integrated way with all other management tools used on farms. The focus is on making producers’ daily lives easier.

“We believe that a fundamental point of our program is to instrumentalize farmers and the supply chain in the transition to low-carbon agriculture. By partnering with xFarm Technologies, we are combining their expertise in technology and precision agriculture with our deep understanding of grain chains to consolidate a powerful regenerative agriculture platform focused on creating value for rural producers,” said Rossano de Angelis Jr, Bunge’s Vice President Agribusiness for South America. “To this end, we will continue to work to strengthen and expand our innovation ecosystem, while helping partners who join it to scale their solutions. Our operations around the world give us visibility into what is happening in different markets and the opportunity to help accelerate businesses and technologies that align with our strategies on a global scale”.

Founded in Switzerland in 2017 by its CEO, Matteo Vanotti, xFarm Technologies is currently the leading independent platform in Europe for smart farm management solutions. Its applications reach more than 4 million hectares in more than 100 countries and 50 supply chains.

“At xFarm Technologies, our goal has always been to create a platform that supports farmers in all their activities, helping them to increase their efficiency and thus their environmental, economic, and social sustainability. This is done by providing them with innovative tools, such as AI-based solutions applied to agriculture, such as DSS and forecasting models. Making agriculture more sustainable is an extremely important goal for us, and with Bunge we will be able to do this by being their technology partner in the largest regenerative agriculture project in LATAM” , said Matteo Vanotti, CEO of xFarm Technologies.

The tech company is a partner in Bunge’s pilot initiative for regenerative agriculture in Europe and is now joining the program in Brazil. Approximately 50.000 hectares of land on Brazilian farms are already being digitized with the solution, which is also supported by Orígeo. As the technical partner for Bunge’s Regenerative Agriculture Program in Brazil, Orígeo is helping to install tools, resources, and applications with the initiative’s participants. It is also providing joint support with xFarm Technologies.

Bunge recently announced the expansion of its program in Brazil to cover 600.000 hectares of soy, corn, wheat, and other crops by 2026. The initiative, based on an integrated strategy, connects the supply of products grown with regenerative practices with the demand of food and biofuel companies that have specific sustainability commitments and needs, such as emissions reduction targets for value chains. The program offers farmers a package of benefits, including premium payments, free access to technical assistance, digital and precision tools, and support for the adoption of sustainable inputs.

The teams from xFarm Technologies & Bunge will be on-site at World Agri-Tech South America Summit, book your place to connect with them on-site.