Agrotools, a leading technology and intelligence company for agribusiness,recently announced that it has raised $21 million through an investment program initiated in 2020, focused on the company’s expansion.

With this investment, Agrotools has added shareholders Horácio Lafer Piva (Klabin), Pedro Paulo Campos (JP Morgan, Pátria and Arsenal), Fátima Marques (Hay Group/Korn Ferry), Paulo Hegler (Toledo), Olivier Murguet (Nissan-Renault), KPTL and FIP Inovabra and Ronaldo Galvani Junior. Agrotools’ founding partners maintain their majority, holding approximately 80% of the company’s shares.

Agrotools is the largest digital platform for corporate agribusiness in the world. By offering a multitude of remote analyses, the platform allows the management of risks and opportunities in any operation with rural territories, from the granting of financial resources and rural insurance to the purchase of raw materials, as well as the sale of inputs, capital markets and retail.

Through its advanced technology platform, which analyzes more than 1,300 layers of data from multiple sources, the company aims to democratize access to information in the sector. Today, Agrotools analyzes more than 4.5 million rural territories and monitors BRL 15 billion ($313 million) in commodities through its platform.

Agrotools is also the creator of the AT Lab supporting the digital transformation of the AgTech sector to the mutual benefit of both suppliers and customers. AT Lab democratizes technology that corporations already use for all links in the ag-chain, with a commitment to boosting the reconstruction of the post-pandemic agri-food system.

The new funds will be utilized to expand the firm’s business throughout the United States, Latin America and other regions, strengthen governance, harden the company’s cybersecurity stance, while further investing in the technology used in its products including artificial intelligence, blockchain, gamification, technology democratization and satellite data sources.

Our focus is to expand our customer portfolio in the US, Brazil and abroad, providing even higher quality stand-out services. In just over a year, our fundraising program has generated a return of over 100% on the capital initially contributed and has encouraged current shareholders to double their stakes attracting important, new investors,” said Sergio Rocha, CEO and founder of Agrotools.

Lucas Tuffi, CCO & CMO at Agrotools will be joining the panel discussion on ‘Supply Chain Optimization & Traceability: Connecting the Dots from Farm to Fork’ at the World Agri-Tech South America Summit in São Paulo on Wednesday June 29 at 4.00 p.m. BRT. See the full agenda here.