Six breakout sessions running parallel to the main stage discussions:


Tradução em tempo real / Traducción en tiempo real / Real-time translation. Delegates have access to real-time text and audio translation for all stage sessions into their choice of Portuguese or Spanish.

All times below stated as BRT.

Monday, June 17: Pre-Event

17:00 - 20:00
Welcome Drinks at Cubo Agro HQ

The summit action begins with welcome drinks hosted at Cubo Agro HQ’s roof terrace on Monday June 17. By invitation.

Tuesday, June 18

Positioning South America as a Sustainable Food Superpower with Global Impact

Setting the scene ahead of the two-day summit, the Secretary of Innovation, Sustainable Development, Irrigation and Cooperation Renata Miranda makes a case for the pivotal role that South America plays in the global food value chain, and that the region is at the heart of achieving sustainability within world-wide Agriculture.

Renata Miranda, Secretary of Innovation, Sustainable Development, Irrigation and Cooperation, BRAZILIAN MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE

South America’s Role In Global Sustainability, Food Security & Climate Smart Agriculture
  • What are the main contributions of South America’s agricultural exports to global food security and sustainability?
  • What strategies can be implemented to balance economic growth with environmental stewardship? How effective are current policy initiatives and regulatory frameworks in supporting sustainable agriculture?
  • How do climate change and extreme weather events impact agriculture in South America, and what are the most pressing challenges faced by farmers in the region?
  • What examples of adaptive measures and resilient farming practices have been successfully implemented in South America to mitigate the effects of climate change?
  • What strategies can be employed to promote the adoption of technology and digitalization across the agricultural value chain, particularly in the context of climate adaptation?

Renata Miranda, Secretary of Innovation, Sustainable Development, Irrigation and Cooperation, MAPA 

Fabiana Alves, CEO Brazil and GM South America, RABOBANK
Marcio Santos, CEO Brazil, BAYER
Michel Roy, Head of North Latin America, LOUIS DREYFUS COMPANY

Regenerative Agriculture: Drawing on Farmer's Knowledge to Optimize Land Stewardship and Resource Management
  • How do regenerative agriculture practices contribute to mitigating climate change and promoting sustainable land management?
  • How can the economic viability of regenerative agriculture and restoration practices for farmers and agribusinesses be ensured?
  • What lessons can be learned from indigenous communities’ approaches to land stewardship and resource management that can inform modern regenerative agriculture practices?
  • What challenges are growers facing in regards to efficient water use and how can regenerative agricultural practices help tackle this issue?

Renata Amaral, Partner, TRENCH ROSSI WATANABE

Marcelo Torres, President, AAPRESID
Fernanda Vendramel, Head of Regenerative Agriculture Brazil, BUNGE
Alejandro Lopez, Chief Sustainability Officer, ADECOAGRO
Fabio Sakamoto, CEO, BIOMAS

Networking Coffee Break
Biologicals: Harnessing Nature to Create the Next Generation of Resilient and Profitable Products
  • What are the latest breakthroughs in biological crop protection, including biopesticides, biofertilizers, and microbial inoculants?
  • What are the main challenges hindering the implementation of biologicals, and how can collaboration between industry, academia, and regulatory bodies address these challenges?
  • What are the key factors influencing the adoption of biological products in South America?
  • What emerging trends and future directions in biologicals should be prioritized for research and innovation?
  • What key areas for advancement in biotechnology, genomics, and precision agriculture are needed to improve the effectiveness, sustainability, and affordability of biologicals?

Helen Jacintho, President, FORBESMULHER AGRO

Sebastian Popik, Founder & Managing Partner, AQUA CAPITAL
Ronaldo Pereira, President, FMC
Ashish Batra, VP, Biologicals and Sustainability R&D, CORTEVA AGRISCIENCE
Avram Slovic, Managing Director Brazil, INVAIO

11:00 – 11:45 Breakout Session Hosted by E-Agro: Simplifying Access to Credit   View session>>

Presentation // The Art of Persistence: Lessons from Farming, the Biggest Job on Earth

The need for innovative technological solutions in agriculture is higher than ever before. With mounting international pressure, how do we achieve sustainable growth and create a better future for tomorrow?

Ademar De Geroni, VP Strategic Marketing Latin America, BASF

11:50 – 12:30 Breakout Session Hosted by Bayer: Decarbonizing Agriculture with Value Chain Partners View session>>

Farmer Spotlight (Em Português)

Session hosted in Portuguese

In the Farmer’s Spotlight session growers will share their first-hand experience when it comes to the greatest challenges they face. The growers examine the potential role of technology in addressing these challenges, from the impact of climate change on their operations to pest management, soil health and labor shortages.

Aline Leonhardt, Presenter & Producer, VALE AGRÍCOLA

Bruno Freitas De Conti, Head of Research, FUNDAÇÃO MT
Fernando Degobbi, Director President, COOPERCITRUS
Teresa Vendramini, Former President, SOCIEDADE RURAL BRASILEIRA

Networking Lunch Break
Ensuring Deforestation-Free Crop Sourcing: Compliance and Certification
  • What legal frameworks, regulations like the Brazilian Forest Code, and compliance measures are in place to prevent deforestation in crop sourcing, and how effective are they in practice?
  • How do certification schemes like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) contribute to verifying the sustainability of crop sourcing practices, and what are their limitations?
  • What are the main challenges and barriers faced by stakeholders in ensuring deforestation-free crop sourcing, and how can these challenges be addressed?
  • How can technology and innovation, such as satellite monitoring, blockchain, and geospatial analysis, enhance traceability and transparency in crop supply chains to prevent deforestation?
  • What collaborative opportunities exist between government, industry, civil society, and academia to address deforestation risks in crop sourcing, and how can stakeholders work together to promote and incentivize sustainable agricultural practices?

Juliana Lopes, Technical Director of Nature and Society, CEBDS

Mauricio Voivodic, Executive Director, WWF-BRAZIL
Flávia de Souza Mendes, Program Manager, Forest and Land Use, PLANET
Marcos Botta, Co-Founder/Chief Innovation & Operating Officer, UCROP.IT

13:30 – 14:15 Breakout Session Hosted by Corteva Agriscience: High Tech Biologicals   View session >>

Fireside Chat // The Potential of AI in Agriculture: Innovations, Challenges, and Collaborative Opportunities (Em Português)

Session hosted in Portuguese

  • In recent years, advances in AI have unlocked a wealth of opportunities for optimizing agricultural processes, enhancing productivity, and promoting sustainability. What are the innovative ways in which AI and Generative-AI are set to reshape the future of farming?
  • What ethical considerations should be considered regarding the use of AI in agriculture, particularly in terms of potential job losses and regulatory compliance?
  • What collaborative initiatives and partnerships could be formed between AI experts, agronomists, policymakers, and farmers to co-create innovative solutions that address challenges in agriculture and promote sustainability?

Ronan Damasco, National Technology Director, MICROSOFT

Gustavo Aoki, CFA, Head of Sales, Structuring and Innovation, ITAÚ BBA

Innovation Spotlight: Transforming the Field with Financial Innovation (Em Português)

Session hosted in Portuguese

AgroStart by BASF and their partners discuss their collaboration strategy and how they are working with innovators and growers to commercialize new technologies.

Mirella Lisboa, Head of LatAm and Open Innovation Manager, AGROSTART BY BASF

Alexandre Borges, CEO, GRÃO DIRETO
Patricia Ambrosio, Head of Digital Financial Solutions, CONECTA.AG
Ricardo Bento Alves, Partner and Co-Founder, FARMTECH

Networking Coffee Break
Digital Agricultural Platforms: Getting Smart Farming Technologies into the Hands of Growers
  • What examples or case studies illustrate how smart farming platforms have directly contributed to improving farm productivity and efficiency for farmers in South America?
  • What models have been used successfully by service providers to get their technology into the field?
  • How do digital platforms promote environmental stewardship in agriculture, and what measurable impacts have been observed in terms of resource conservation?
  • What data management strategies do platforms use to collect, analyze, and utilize agricultural data, and how does this support farmers in making more informed decisions?
  • What are the main challenges hindering the widespread adoption of digital farming platforms, and how can providers make the technology more accessible to farmers?
  • Looking ahead, what are the emerging trends and opportunities in the field of digital agriculture, and how are providers planning to capitalize on these trends to further enhance their platforms and services?

Braian Souto, Business Tech Partner for Agribusiness and Ecosystem Strategy, Global Director, BUNGE

Sidhartha Bhandari, Agriculture & Food Digital Transformation Practice Lead, PUBLICIS SAPIENT
Tomas Balistiero, COO, CITROSUCO
Jose Massad, Director IT & Digital, RAÍZEN
Niels Grabbert, CEO and Co-Founder, STENON
Matheus Ganem, Co-Founder & CEO, SEEDZ 

15:30 – 16:15 Breakout Session Hosted by STLMADE: ST Louis, The Gateway to Climate Innovation View session >>

Start-Up Showcase

Start-ups from across South America present their innovative solutions to solve the core challenges faced by the continent’s agri-food system. Companies will pitch their solutions to a panel of judges – followed by Q&A to delve deeper into their products, strategies, and vision for the future.

Aysu Bilgin, Head of Global Strategy, Insights & New Ventures, BRF
Francisco Salvatelli, Partner, GRIDX

Matias Figliozzi, Co-Founder & CEO, UNIBAIO
Laura Macció, Founder & CEO, METABIX BIOTECH
Mili Romano, Co-Founder & CEO, VEXXEL
Jacob Proctor, Co-Founder, SUREFARMING

Investor Panel: Navigating Challenges in Agriculture and AgTech Funding
  • What are the available funding options for agtech start-ups, and how have investment trends evolved in recent years? What are the main challenges faced by start-ups when seeking investment, and how can these challenges be addressed?
  • What strategies can agtech startups employ to mitigate risks and ensure the sustainability of their operations and investments?
  • In which specific areas of agtech do investors see the most potential for growth and return on investment in South America?
  • What successes have we seen for agtech start-ups scaling their operations in global markets? What factors contributed to their success?
  • What opportunities exist for partnerships and collaboration between agtech start-ups, agricultural producers, and other stakeholders in the agriculture sector?
  • How do government initiatives and policies impact investment in agriculture and agtech, and what role do they play in fostering innovation and growth?

Gonzalo Perez-Taiman, Founding Partner, ARPEGIOVC

Bernardo Milesy, Founder & Managing Partner, GLOCAL
Francisco Jardim, General Partner, SP VENTURES
Tomás Peña, Managing Partner, THE YIELD LAB LATAM
Flavio Zaclis, Founder, BARN INVESTMENTS
Natalie Vergara Giron, Head of Platform, MERCY CORPS VENTURES

Networking Happy Hour

Wednesday, June 19

7:45 - 8:40
Networking Breakfast: Women in Ag

Hosted by:
Early morning of networking and discussion, featuring inspiring women leaders in the South American agri-foodtech industry. By invitation.

Cross-Organizational R&D and Collaboration: Advancing Sustainable Agricultural Innovation (Em Português)

Session hosted in Portuguese

Setting the scene for the second day of the summit, Embrapa shares its priorities for agricultural research and collaboration.

Silvia Massruhá, President, EMBRAPA

Charting Sustainable Growth: Exploring Emerging Markets and Aligning Strategies for Environmental Responsibility
  • How can businesses capitalize on emerging markets related to sustainable agriculture, such as organic farming, regenerative agriculture, and agroecology?
  • What strategies can companies employ to align their operations with evolving consumer preferences for environmentally conscious agricultural products and practices?
  • What role do corporate sustainability initiatives play in driving positive change within the agricultural sector?
  • How can businesses promote responsible sourcing, biodiversity conservation, and social equity in their agricultural operations? How can stakeholders work together to overcome challenges and create an enabling environment for sustainable agriculture?
  • How can collaboration between businesses, government agencies, NGOs, and local communities contribute to advancing sustainable agriculture? What examples of successful collaborations exist, and what lessons can be learned from these partnerships?

Magdalena Coronel, CIO, IDB LAB

Ingo Plöger, Vice President, ABAG
Jerry O’Callaghan, Chairman, JBS
Aurélio Pavinato, CEO, SLC AGRÍCOLA

Agri-Fintech: Mitigating Financial Risks for Farmers and the Value Chain Through Digital Platforms
  • In what ways do digital platforms facilitate financial inclusion for smallholder farmers and rural communities, and how can agri-fintech bridge the gap between traditional financial services and agricultural financing needs?
  • What innovative agri-fintech solutions are available to address specific risks in agriculture, such as weather-related risks and market volatility, and how do digital platforms enhance risk management capabilities?
  • What are the regulatory challenges and policy considerations associated with the adoption of agri-fintech in agriculture, and how can governments create an enabling environment for innovation and expansion?
  • How can agri-fintech solutions be scaled up to reach more farmers and stakeholders, and what are the key challenges and opportunities in expanding digital platforms for agricultural finance and risk management?
  • What examples have we seen of successful agri-fintech implementations that have positively impacted farmers and the agricultural value chain, and how were their social, economic, and environmental impacts assessed?

Marcelo Pimenta, Head of Agribusiness, SERASA EXPERIAN

Gustavo Modenesi, Head of B2B and Services, LAVORO
Nadege Saad, Head of E-Agro, E-AGRO
Arthur Ware, Chief Revenue Officer, TRAIVE

10:05 – 10:50 Breakout Session: Fintech Adoption in Animal Protein    View session >>

Innovation Spotlight: The Yield Lab LATAM

The Yield Lab LATAM and their portfolio companies will be presenting the fruits of their collaborations, showing they are working with start-ups to position Latin America as a global hub for agricultural innovation.

Santiago Murtagh, Managing Director, THE YIELD LAB LATAM

Miguel Sieh, New Business Director, SUZANO
Irving Rivera, CEO, SOLENA
Marcos Botta, CIO and COO, UCROP.IT
Matheus Ganem, CEO, SEEDZ

Networking Coffee Break
Innovation Spotlight: Building Innovation Ecosystems to Advance in Agribusiness

Cubo Agro and their partners look at the challenges of climate change and the need to increase productivity sustainably, and how these issues can be addressed through collaboration between startups, corporates, investors and partners.

Paulo Costa, CEO, CUBO AGRO

Mariana Bonora, CEO, BART DIGITAL
Gabriel Nunes, Director, REVELLA
José Dominguez, Co-Founder, SILOREAL

11:20 – 12:05 Breakout Session Hosted by Serasa Experian: Reducing Risk for Growers  View session >>

The Smart Farming Adoption Challenge: Increasing Yield and Efficiency Through Data and Machinery Integration
  • What are the latest trends in digital farming technologies, and how do they contribute to the transformation of agriculture?
  • What are the core benefits of smart farming solutions, and how do they leverage digital technologies to enhance farm management and operations? How can these optimize resource use and increase crop yields, and what specific benefits do they offer to farmers?
  • What are the primary barriers hindering the adoption of smart farming solutions? How can initiatives be effectively scaled up from pilot projects to widespread adoption across farming communities or regions?
  • What strategies can be implemented to ensure that smart farming technologies are accessible and affordable to farmers of all scales, including smallholder and family farms?
  • How can continued research, innovation, and investment in digital farming contribute to addressing global food security challenges and increasing sustainability in agriculture?

Nadine Alameh, Executive Director, TAYLOR GEOSPATIAL INSTITUTE

Almir Araujo Silva, Director of Digital, New Business Model and Commercial Excellence LATAM, BASF
Alexandre Dal Forno, IoT & 5G Director, TIM
Rodrigo Junqueira, South America Managing Director, AGCO
Dave Gebhardt, General Manager, EARTHDAILY AGRO

Insights from Space: Nano-Satellites and AI Transforming Agriculture Management

How can we help farmers achieve the most accurate insights to facilitate proactive decision-making? In what ways can integrating different data systems with AI revolutionise farm management?

Ricardo Guerra, Regional Sales Director, Latin America, PLANET

Networking Roundtables

Elevate your knowledge and engage in meaningful conversations with industry experts. Join focused, interactive discussion groups to deep dive into industry critical topics most relevant to you and your business. Each roundtable discussion group is hosted by an expert on a specific theme offering you a valuable opportunity to network, brainstorm solutions and discuss ideas with your peers on shared areas of interest.

  • Developing Precision Agriculture: Machinery, Connectivity & Automation
    Host: Gregory Riordan, Director Digital South America, CNH INDUSTRIAL
  • Innovation Powerhouse: Corporate Collaboration for Sustainable Outcomes
    Host: Leandro Bessa, Head of Crop Protection Portfolio, SYNGENTA
  • Seeds of Change: Pioneering Agricultural Innovations for a Sustainable Future
    Host: Carolina Graça, Sustainability Director, BAYER
  • Public Agriculture Research: Enhancing Digital Ag Transformation
    Host: Vitor Mondo, Head of Technology Transfer, EMBRAPA
  • Carbon Farming: Sustainable Agriculture as a Climate Ally
    Host: André Germanos, Carbon Manager, ADM
  • Large-scale Regenerative Agriculture: Addressing the Key Challenges
    Host: Barbara Sollero, Head of Regenerative Agriculture Dairy, Cocoa, Coffee, Cereals & Grains, NESTLÉ
  • The Scope 3 Challenge: Sensing Technology to Unlock Better Nitrogen Management
    Host: Samuel Fournier, Co-Founder & CEO, CHRYSALABS
  • Leveraging Geospatial Data: Supply Chain Traceability and Regulatory Compliance
    Host: Flávia de Souza Mendes, Program Manager, Forest and Land Use, PLANET
  • From Concept to Market: Successful Business Strategies in Software Product Development
    Host: Alejo Valverde Lyons, LatAm Business Lead, MAGOYA SOFTWARE
  • Unlocking Agricultural Potential with Microbiomes: Boosting Yields and Agro-Sustainability.
    Host: Walter Sandoval, CSO, MICROBIOS
  • Founders and Investors: Strategies for Successful Agtech Start-Ups
    Host: José Tomé, Founder, CHAAC CAPITAL
  • Soil Microbiome Engineering: Tools for Sustainability and Productivity
    Host: Irving Rivera, CEO, SOLENA
  • Market Opportunity: The Key Factors Driving the Next Wave of Biologicals
    Host: Eric Emiliano, Partner, L.E.K. CONSULTING
  • Bridging the Gap: Producer’s Challenges and Innovator’s Tech Solutions
    Host: Jéssica Gimenes, Head of Agrihub Connecta, AGRIHUB & Simone Dameto, Farmer
  • Future Farming: Integrating AI with Regenerative Practices
    Host: Matteo Cunial, CRO, XFARM TECHNOLOGIES
  • Innovative Pest Control Solutions: Environmentally Responsible Crop Protection
    Host: Pedro Coelho, CEO, PROVIVI
  • Sustainability Partnerships: Manage, Monitor, and Monetize Environmental Assets
    Host: Carlos Hirsch, Managing Director LATAM, ARVA INTELLIGENCE
Networking Lunch Break
Farmer Spotlight (En Español)

Session hosted in Spanish

In the second farmer spotlight session, growers will shine a light on the pressing challenges they encounter in their daily operations and consider how technology can serve as a valuable tool in overcoming these obstacles and fostering resilience within the agricultural sector.

José Gobbée, Principal, THE CONTEXT NETWORK

Vasco Masias, President, GRUPO ALIMENTA

Innovation Spotlight: Latin America's Biological Revolution: A Model for Global Success

SP Ventures and their partners discuss their collaboration strategy and how they are working with innovators and growers to commercialize new technologies.

Francisco Jardim, Managing Partner, SP VENTURES

Gerson Marquesi, Head of R&D, GENICA
Elisa Bertini, Co-Founder & CSO, PUNA.BIO 

Navigating Climate Finance: Investing in Sustainable Agricultural Practices in South America
  • How can climate finance contribute to the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices and the mitigation of climate change impacts in South America?
  • Who should bear the greater responsibility for investing in agricultural technology start-ups, Venture Capital Firms or International Development Organizations?
  • With COP30 being planned, how can Brazil leverage its position to lead discussions on financing sustainable farming practices, including agroecology, organic farming, and agroforestry, during COP 30?
  • From an asset manager’s perspective, what factors influence investment decisions in sustainable agriculture, and how do asset managers approach sustainable investing in the sector?
  • How can climate finance initiatives be designed to support smallholder farmers and agricultural communities in transitioning to sustainable practices?
  • What role do government policies, incentives, and regulatory frameworks play in attracting climate finance investments and promoting sustainable agriculture in South America?

Anup Jagwani, Head of Global Agribusiness, IFC

Marcela Paranhos, Agriculture Finance Director, THE NATURE CONSERVANCY
Janaina Dallan, CEO, CARBONEXT
João Adrien, Head of ESG Agro, ITAÚ BBA  
Raphael Falcioni, Managing Director, JUST CLIMATE 

Close of Summit