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Tuesday June 28

Welcome Remarks
Opening Keynote // Driving the Transformation of Agri-Food Systems

Agri-food systems in Latin America and the Caribbean play a critical role in ensuring global food security. Despite their strong production performance, they will need to transform to meet environmental, climate, and social challenges. Taking the lead in transformation is the key to remaining a strong player across global markets.

Julio A. Berdegué, Assistant Director-General & Regional Representative for Latin America and the Caribbean, FAO, Chile

The Rise of a Superpower: Accelerating Agri-Food Innovation & Growth in South America
  • How are new technologies disrupting South America’s agri-food market? How are business models along the supply chain evolving as a result, and what is the impact on efficiency, productivity, and sustainability?
  • With South American countries expressing support for the Forest, Agriculture, Commodity Trade Dialogue (FACT) Roadmap revealed at COP26, what climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies can we expect to see across the region? What is being done to reduce deforestation, how is the agri-food innovation ecosystem developing in line with ESG targets, and what milestones will be achieved in time for COP27?
  • What is the position of South American agriculture on the international stage? Do perception and reality match, and how can international and local stakeholders work together more closely to promote mutual understanding and innovation?
  • How has the regulatory activity impacted the development of South American agriculture in the past 12 months, and what changes can we expect to see in Brazil and across the region in 2022?

Session Chair:
Yahell Luci Lima Bonfim, Executive Editor and Presenter, CANAL RURAL, Brazil

Celso Luiz Moretti, President, EMBRAPA, Brazil
Tomas Romero, Partner, AQUA CAPITAL, Brazil
Mauricio Rodrigues, President – Latin America Crop Science, BAYER, Brazil
Murilo Parada, CEO, North Latin America, LOUIS DREYFUS COMPANY, Brazil

Sustainable Agriculture: Definition, Consolidation & Implementation at Scale
  • What are the different sustainable agriculture production systems, and how are they defined? What can we do to improve awareness and consolidation across the region?
  • What barriers exist and how can they be broken down to increase the adoption of sustainable agriculture practices? How can we de-risk the farmer and foster a nature-positive mindset? What data- and science-backed evidence and case studies showing the cost/benefit impact of these systems are available?
  • How can sustainable production activities reduce deforestation, and how do you reach those that aren’t yet committing to sustainable agricultural development without demonizing them?
  • As sustainability regulations tighten in key export markets, how can we ensure international regulators are taking local development differences and capabilities into consideration? How can we improve international collaboration?

Session Chair:
Mariana Caetano, Partner & CBO, SANTOSLAB, Brazil

Robert Coviello, Chief Sustainability Officer & Government Affairs, BUNGE, USA
Alejandro Lopez, Chief Sustainability Officer, ADECOAGRO, Argentina
Nicolas Steinberg, VP Crop & Digital Solution Incubation – Americas, YARA INTERNATIONAL, Brazil
Joao Campari, Global Leader, Food Practice, WWF INTERNATIONAL, Brazil

Presentation // Smart Farming: Achieving Higher Yields with Lower Environmental Impact
  • What is the role of tropical agriculture in meeting the challenge of feeding the world?
  • Which initiatives, partnerships, and solutions help farmers to achieve better yields and lower environmental impact in their businesses?
  • How can collaboration and strategic partnerships support the industry in finding the right balance in agriculture and accelerating the sustainable development of the sector in South America?

Sergi Vizoso, SVP, Agricultural Solutions Latin America, BASF, Brazil

Networking Coffee Break

Delegates attending the physical event in Sao Paulo will take a brief networking coffee break.

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Presentation // Carbon Farming: Generating High-Quality Carbon Credits

As the interest in carbon farming grows across the world, Indigo will look at the key attributes that make up a high-quality ag carbon credit and how this can help unlock a new revenue stream for growers that incentivizes and rewards them for their contribution to a planet-positive future.

Reinaldo Bonnecarrere, Senior Director Biologicals LATAM, INDIGO, Brazil

Embracing the Future: What’s Next for the Carbon Market?
  • What are the different types of carbon credits and their associated risks? How has the market for carbon credits evolved over the past 12 months, and what developments are anticipated to take place in 2022?
  • How can growers measure carbon levels in soil? What technologies are showing the greatest potential, and how accessible are they?
  • What methodologies for carbon sequestration are available for tropical agriculture? Are these approaches aligned on their parameters and targets? How can we achieve standardization in South America and globally?
  • What certifiers and carbon credit trading platforms are emerging, and who is regulating them? How do you distribute carbon credits without losing trust that carbon credits were only sold once?
  • Does carbon sequestration have the potential to provide additional revenue streams for growers? What is the anticipated cost/benefit impact for farmers utilizing traditional methods vs those already employing sustainable practices? How do we motivate one without financially disadvantaging the other?
  • How can governments and corporate carbon credit buyers support growers in realizing their operation’s full carbon sequestration potential?

Session Chair:
Marina Piatto, Executive Director, IMAFLORA, Brazil

Fabiola Zerbini, Program Director Forest, Land Use and Agriculture, WORLD RESOURCES INSTITUTE (WRI), Brazil
Maurício Cherubin, Professor, ESALQ/USP, Brazil
Dhruv Sawhney, COO, NURTURE.FARM, India
Nell Campbell, Lead Architect, Carbon Science & Modeling, INDIGO, USA

Presentation // Exploring the Impact of Biocontrol on IPM Programs in Broad Acre Crops
  • How can the agriculture innovation ecosystem drive high-scale production to meet demand in this growing market?
  • What does high-performance in biopesticides look like?
  • How can biocontrol solutions be successfully integrated into growing operations? What is the cost/benefit impact?
  • What next-gen products and technologies are attracting attention?

Gustavo Herrmann, Commercial Director, KOPPERT BIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS, Brazil

Biologicals for Tropical Agriculture: Driving Innovation in Crop Protection & Nutrition
  • Biologicals vs traditional solutions, is the conversation evolving? How are growers finding a balance to build climate resilience and drive economic growth? Which innovative solutions are making waves in South America, and has the adoption rate of biologicals accelerated over the past year?
  • What does the regulatory landscape for biological inputs look like, and how is the innovation ecosystem navigating restrictions?
  • How are corporates and new players entering the market positioning their products? How is the efficacy of products evaluated and compared in South America? Are regulatory quality control measures needed?
  • How are smart technologies supporting decision-making at the farm level? How can predictive analytics help growers apply crop protection and nutrition inputs in a more intelligent and sustainable way?
  • With the pandemic continuing to exacerbate supply chain disruptions, how can the sector ensure a stable, consistent, and affordable supply of biologicals for growers?

Session Chair:
Adriana Brondani, Executive Director Biotechnology Information Board (CIB), CROPLIFE BRASIL, Brazil

Gustavo Herrmann, Commercial Director, KOPPERT BIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS, Brazil
Pedro Coelho, Co-Founder & CEO, PROVIVI, USA
Mauricio Schneider, Co-Founder & CRO, SOLUBIO, Brazil
Mariangela Hungria, Researcher, EMBRAPA & Member, BRAZILIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, Brazil

Networking Lunch Break

Delegates attending the physical event in Sao Paulo will take a lunch networking break.

Fireside Chat // Navigating the Changing Landscape for High-Value Crops
  • How are COP26 takeaways, evolving export market regulations, and consumer mentality changing requirements for growers of avocados, citrus fruits, cocoa, blueberries, and other high-value crops? What challenges do growers face as a result?
  • What new strategies, technologies, and solutions are growers adopting to meet sustainability and traceability standards, and how is it impacting their operations’ carbon and water footprint? What does the integration process look like, and how transferable are these systems between geographies, crops, and climates?
  • What is the potential of tokenization for improving the environmental and economic sustainability of high-value crop operations? Can carbon and water credits provide additional revenue streams for growers, while promoting greener food systems?
  • Given the additional investments required, what is the anticipated ROI for growers? Are food companies and consumers prepared to pay the price for the rising cost of growing high-value crops sustainably?
  • What support is required from corporates and governments? What new partnership models are promising to drive innovation?

Session Chair:
Mariana Caetano, Partner & CBO, SANTOSLAB, Brazil

Lara Francischetto, Head of ESG, CITROSUCO, Brazil
Israel Talpaz, Co-Founder & CEO, SEETREE, Israel
Jairo Trad, Co-Founder & CEO, KILIMO, Argentina

Agri-Fintech: De-Risking the Farmer to Unlock New Finance Streams
  • How can the international agri-food ecosystem improve South American farmer’s access to finance? What barriers exist?
  • How are new technologies impacting growers’ financial capabilities? Where does fintech meet agtech, and how are these data-driven tools helping farmers access credit and insurance solutions?
  • What is the potential of blockchain and tokenization for improving the financial capacity of farming operations? To what extent are these systems already employed in South America, and do we anticipate their market share growing in the next 12 months?
  • The agriculture industry has long relied on manual financial processes, with growers, agribusinesses, food corporates, and retailers operating in silos. How is agri-fintech creating a more connected, streamlined, and transparent value chain?

Session Chair:
Daniel Ibri, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, MINDSET VENTURES

Fabricio Pezente, Founder & CEO, TRAIVE, Brazil
Luis Macias, Founder & CEO, GRAINCHAIN, USA
Flavio Zaclis, Founder, BARN INVESTMENTS, Brazil
Prasad Gopalan, Global Manager, Agribusiness & Forestry, IFC, USA

Networking Coffee Break

Delegates attending the physical event in São Paulo will take a brief networking coffee break.

Start-up Pitching Session

Meet our pick of the most exciting innovators across the South American agri-food sector. Each presenting company will showcase its vision to a panel of industry judges, who are keen to ask questions and dig deeper into their value proposition.

José Tomé, CEO, AGTECH GARAGE, Brazil
Mariano Mayer, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, NEWTOPIA VC, Argentina
Bernardo Milesy, Founder & Managing Partner, GLOCAL, Brazil

Luis Felipe Adaime, Founder & CEO, MOSS.EARTH, Brazil
Eduardo Novillo Astrada, Co-Founder & CEO, AGROTOKEN, Argentina
Leonardo Gomes, Co-Founder & CEO, BIOME4ALL, Brazil
Julia Roulet, Co-Founder & CEO, SYOCIN BIOTECH, Argentina

Fireside Chat // Evaluating the Changing Role of the Ag Retailer
  • With major acquisitions consolidating and new players disrupting the ag retail market, how is the landscape changing?
  • How are online marketplaces performing in comparison to brick-and-mortar retailers? What benefits does online retail provide for growers, and what are the barriers to further market penetration?
  • How is the role of the ag retailer evolving in South America’s increasingly digitized agriculture sector? Can online retailers fulfil their advisory function to the same standard as physical traders? How are next-gen ag retailers driving the adoption of technology at the farm level?

Session Chair:
Victoria de Sá, Founding Partner, VERT CAPITAL, Brazil

Andre Savino, General Director Commercial Platform, LATAM, SYNGENTA, Brazil
Maximiliano Landrein, Co-Founder & CEO, AGROFY, Argentina

Investor Debate: Supporting the Innovation Scale-Up
  • As more capital flows into the South American agriculture market, how is the investment landscape shifting? What is the impact of the rising number of international CVCs investing in South American agri-food start-ups?
  • What will it take to attract more risk capital to unleash the sector’s vast potential?
  • How are investors working with entrepreneurs to get the value proposition right, engage farmers, and scale their technologies? What challenges have been encountered, and how are they being addressed?
  • What does the exit environment look like, and what changes are we expecting to see in the next few years?

Session Chair:
Ryan Rakestraw, Director, TEMASEK, USA

Francisco Jardim, Founding Partner, SP VENTURES, Brazil
Gonzalo Ramirez Martiarena, CEO, SWISS PAMPA, Switzerland
Patricia Moraes, Founder and Managing Partner, UNBOX CAPITAL, Brazil
Martin Burlo, Investor Relations Director, SURCOS, Argentina

Closing Remarks
Drinks Reception and 1-1 Networking

The final two hours of the summit will be devoted for dedicated networking time, allowing our physical audience to connect with future partners without the worry of missing out on any of the action on stage.

Hosted by:

Kicked-off by a presentation featuring:
Mikael Djanian, Partner, MCKINSEY & COMPANY, Brazil
Ana Luiza Mokodsi, Engagement Manager, MCKINSEY & COMPANY, Brazil

End of Day 1

Wednesday June 29

Innovation Showcase // South America’s Most Exciting Entrepreneurs Take The Stage

Hosted in partnership with the world’s most high-profile accelerators, the Innovation Showcase breakfast briefing will feature a selection of the exciting early-stage start-ups emerging within South America to drive investment into the region’s growing agtech and agri-fintech ecosystem, promote sector-wide and international collaboration and partnerships, and fast track solutions to the field.

Rafael Tabasnik, Incubation Lead – Brazil, YARA INTERNATIONAL introduces BOOMITRA
Almir AraújoDirector of Digital, New Business Model & Commercial Excellence LATAM, BASF introduces MASTERBARTER
Nicolas LoriaCommercial Leader Digital Brasil & Latam, CUBO AGRO introduces ICROP
Kieran Gartlan, Managing Partner, THE YIELD LAB LATAM introduces AGROFORTE
Flavio Zaclis, Founder, BARN INVESTMENTS introduces AGROLEND
Juan CabreraCo-Founder & General Partner, XPERIMENT introduces AGRIACORDO

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Welcome Remarks
Opening Keynote // The Role of Research Institutes in Agro-Industrial Innovation in the Southern Cone

The Opening Keynote speaker will set the scene for the summit by addressing the most pressing challenges and opportunities for innovation in South America’s agri-food industry.


Building a Thriving Agri-Food Innovation Ecosystem in South America
  • How can we break down silos and foster strategic partnerships between growers, investors, start-ups, corporates, policymakers, and the academia to improve industry collaboration, education, and integration, and expand the innovation ecosystem across the region?
  • How can we build trust? What governing standards are needed? How can we create a secure yet open culture for knowledge exchange that breaks down competitive barriers, promotes mutual growth, and incentives sustainable practices?
  • Where does the responsibility lie for driving partnerships, and which new business models are best suited to support the innovation scale-up?

Session Chair:
Tomás Peña, Managing Director, THE YIELD LAB LATAM, Argentina

Carlos Goulart, Director Plant Health and Agricultural Inputs, MAPA, Brazil
Frederico Logemann, Head of Innovation & Strategy, SLC AGRICOLA, Brazil
José Massad, Director of IT & Digital, RAIZEN, Brazil
Rodrigo Cunha, Head of Business Development, SOLINFTEC, Brazil
Ana Laura Fernández, Director of Impact Investments, FONDO DE FONDOS, Mexico

Farmer Spotlight // Exploring Innovation, Investment & Collaboration Strategies
  • With the climate crisis intensifying, global regulations changing rapidly, and an ever-growing number of new technologies emerging, what is the farmer’s perspective of the future of agriculture in South America? What challenges do South American farmers face, and are they being addressed by the innovation ecosystem?
  • What financial incentives and funding options are available to farmers? Are they accessible by all growing operations, from large-scale organizations to smallholders?
  • How do farmers approach supplier collaboration? How do they ensure partners comply with increasingly complex regulations on traceability and sustainability?
  • Which practices and digital tools are already having a positive impact on farming operations? What is the potential of Variable Rate Technology (VRT) for scaling both environmental and economic sustainability, and how can we increase its adoption?
  • How do farmers identify start-ups, implement solutions, and monitor their impact? What are the benefits of co-creating technology with entrepreneurs?

José Gobbée, Principal, THE CONTEXT NETWORK, Argentina

Nicolás Ridley, Technology & Digital Transformation Lead, MSU, Argentina
Ana Wegman, Head of Innovation & Development, LARTIRIGOYEN, Argentina
Gabriela Nichel, Owner & Agronomist, FAZENDA BOA VISTA, Brazil
Gerhard Bohne, Board of Directors, BOA SAFRA SEMENTES, Brazil

Networking Coffee Break

Delegates attending the physical event in Sao Paulo will take a brief networking coffee break.

Hosted by:

Digital Transformation: Accelerating the Adoption & Integration of Smart Field Systems
  • From satellite imagery and remote sensors to smart machinery, how are digital tools helping growers to address climate challenges and increase economic growth? What is the rate of adoption, and what gaps do we see?
  • As more entrepreneurs and new technologies enter the market, how can we ensure industry collaboration and alignment? How can technology providers and growers work together more closely to develop complete solutions that are affordable and allow for better integration? How can we make technology adoption, usage, and maintenance simple for farmers of all sizes?
  • What is the impact of increasingly digitized farms on the image of South America’s agriculture industry and its job market? How can we support growers in upskilling their workforce?

Session Chair:
Nathália Secco, Founder & CEO, ORCHESTRA INNOVATION CENTER, Brazil

Felipe Santos, Digital Product Line Director, JOHN DEERE, Brazil
Leandro Sabignoso, Founder & CEO, AURAVANT, Argentina
Liisa Smits, Founder & CEO, IGNITIA, Brazil
Misty Tucker, Global Industry Principal Expert – Agriculture, PLANET, USA
Nicolas Reinoso, VP South America, IN10T, Argentina

Fireside Chat // Connectivity: Providing the Infrastructure for Full Digital Enablement
  • As technology adoption in South America’s agriculture industry cannot advance without the internet, what is the state of rural connectivity across the region? Have we seen any developments in the past 12 months?
  • With the roll-out of 5G imminent and contracts requiring telecom companies to incorporate rural areas in their programs, what impact will this have on the region’s farming operations? What is the anticipated timeline?
  • What partnerships between growers and vendors that address connectivity challenges have we seen emerge, and how are they benefiting farmers and surrounding communities?

Session Chair:
Luiz Carlos (Caio) Corrêa Carvalho, President, ABAG, Brazil

Auana Mattar, CIO, TIM BRASIL, Brazil
Rodrigo Junqueira, VP, MASSEY FERGUSON & Managing Director South America, AGCO, Brazil
Christian Gonzalez, VP South America, CASE IH, Brazil

Networking Lunch Break

Delegates attending the physical event in Sao Paulo will take a lunch networking break.

Fireside Chat // Impact Investment & Ecosystem Growth: Driving ESG-Centric Finance into South America
  • What are the latest investment trends in South America’s agri-food sector, and who are the new investors levelling the playing field? With more banks entering agribusiness, how is the tide changing for early-stage and growth capital? What does the exit environment look like?
  • Are start-ups looking to local or international investors for funding? What is the mentality among South American innovators, and are we seeing any changes as the market continues to grow?
  • If you change the variables of evaluation, you change the conversation. What are the new ESG-driven finance models that promise to disrupt how innovation is funded, implemented, and scaled?
  • How can we expand the boom of agtech and agri-fintech in Brazil across the region? What partnerships, investments, and business models are showing the greatest potential for incubating and maturing agri-food start-ups in South America?

Session Chair:
Gustavo Pimentel, Executive Director, NINT, Brazil

Jayme Queiroz, Investment Officer, APEX-BRASIL, Brazil
Morgan Doyle, Country Representative Brazil, INTER-AMERICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK, Brazil

Networking Roundtables

Each roundtable discussion group is hosted by an industry expert on a specific theme, offering you a valuable opportunity to network, brainstorm solutions, and discuss ideas. Come prepared for lively discussion and diverse debate!

  • Improving Nutrient Use Efficiency to Increase Yields Sustainably & Address Commodity Shortages
    Host: Nicolas Steinberg, Vice President Crop & Digital Solution Incubation – Americas, YARA, Brazil
  • Sustainable Innovation: Improving Social & Environmental Practices
    Host: Lara Francischetto, Head of ESG, CITROSUCO, Brazil 
  • Data-Driven Sustainability: How Digital Tools Shape the Present and Future of Agriculture
    Host: Davi Köhntopp da Silva, Digital Product Researcher, Xarvio, BASF, Brazil
  • Digitizing the Agribusiness Value Chain: The Role of Technology in Accelerating Change
    Host: Braian Souto, Senior Manager, Global Digital Office, BUNGE, Brazil
  • The Implementation of Digital Tools from the Farmer’s Perspective
    Host: Ana Wegman, Head of Innovation & Development, LARTIRIGOYEN, Argentina
  • Deforestation, Sustainability & Traceability Regulations: Exploring Questions & Concerns
    Host: Juan Antonio Rivas, SVP and Global Head – Sustainable Business Development, OFI (OLAM FOOD INGREDIENTS), Colombia
  • Scaling Sustainable Agriculture: Exploring What’s Working Well & Addressing Gaps
    Host: Elaine Lourenco, Environment Lead, BOM FUTURO, Brazil (hosted in Portuguese)
  • Challenges of Moving into Markets Internationally
    Host: Horacio Buscaglia, Business Manager – LATAM, Global Business Lead, AGRITHORITY, Argentina
  • Getting the Value Proposition Right, Engaging Farmers & Scaling Technologies
    Host: Patricia Moraes, Founder and Managing Partner, UNBOX CAPITAL, Brazil
Networking Coffee Break
Fireside Chat // Alternative Proteins: Investigating the Supply Chain Impact of Growing Global Demand
  • How is growing consumer demand for sustainably produced and traceable alternative proteins in key export markets impacting farming operations in South America? Are farmers taking note, and are they adjusting their practices and portfolio to meet demand? How can they capture value from this movement?
  • What are the supply chain implications? Are we seeing any new partnership models between retailers, agribusinesses, food corporates, start-ups, and farmers emerging?
  • Considering a growing global population, is there space for the traditional and alternative protein markets to co-exist? Taking it a step further, how can the two disciplines collaborate to set the region up as both an animal and alternative protein powerhouse?

Session Chair:
Gus Guadagnini, President, THE GOOD FOOD INSTITUTE, Brazil

Gerson Charchat, Consumer Market Industry Lead Partner for Advisory, PWC, Brazil
Anna Paula Viana, Head of R&D, N.OVO PLANT BASED/GRUPO MANTIQUEIRA, Brazil
Giovanna Meneghel, CEO & Co-Founder, NUDE, Brazil

Supply Chain Optimization & Traceability: Connecting the Dots from Farm to Fork
  • With pressure from consumers and regulators increasing, how is the conversation about supply chain traceability evolving? Where along the supply chain is innovation taking place?
  • How are farmers monitoring and reporting on their production methods? To what extent are they developing their own technologies vs working with suppliers?
  • Which digital tools look most promising, what is their level of development and timeline for large-scale commercialization? What is the role of blockchain technology in improving traceability?
  • As South America’s agricultural supply chain relies primarily on road transport, how can we improve efficiency in logistics? What digital tools are showing potential for optimizing existing infrastructure and freight routes?
  • How are agribusinesses and food corporates working with stakeholders along the supply chain to drive innovation in logistics and consolidate traceability activities? How can we better integrate and streamline technologies and activities?

Session Chair:
German Otalora Castro, Business Operations & Program Management Leader LATAM, MICROSOFT, Colombia

Juan Antonio Rivas, SVP and Global Head – Sustainable Business Development, OFI (OLAM FOOD INGREDIENTS), Colombia
Lucas Tuffi, CCO & CMO, AGROTOOLS, Brazil
Vijay Nelson, Chief Product Officer, CROPIN, India

Closing Remarks
Summit Closes