28 exciting agtech start-ups from South America and around the world will present ground-breaking technologies and share their scale-up journeys at the World Agri-Tech South America Summit on June 20-21, hosted in São Paulo.

Renowned globally for its focus on start-ups, ecosystem building and investment, the World Agri-Tech program spotlights innovators with disruptive solutions, to raise their profile and connect them with potential investors and corporate partners among the 600-strong delegation.

Start-Up Showcase

Four early-stage entrepreneurs have been selected to showcase their ideas for transformation live on stage, with questions from investors at ICL Planet and GRIDX:

Smart Soil (Paraguay) uses soil sensors combined with their proprietary application to provide early detection and alerts to soybean rust for growers to facilitate decision-making around fungicide use.

Loads (Chile) seeks to simplify the farm-to-fork process, developing a more sustainable, transparent, and accessible ‘all-in-one’ logistics supply digital solution.

Qumir Nano (Argentina) produces efficient bio-nanopesticides and fertilizers via its biotech platform to reduce pathogen resistance, prolong shelf life, and reduce quantity used.

MerX (Brazil) facilitates lending, credit monitoring, commodity trading, intelligence and crop evaluations through its digital platform.

Innovator Spotlight Sessions

Leading regional accelerators BASF AgroStart and The Yield Lab LATAM will each introduce exciting agtech start-ups from their cohort, who will take the stage to present their technologies and business models.

BASF Agrostart introduces its partners Tbit, SmartAgri, Solena to discuss their collaboration strategy and how they are working with innovators and growers to commercialize new technologies.

The Yield Lab will discuss how it is supporting homegrown talent and demonstrating the ample opportunities for global investment in the region with its portfolio companies Auravant, Agree, Agroforte and TerraMagna.

Start-Up Exhibition

Showcasing their technologies at dedicated mini booths in the networking area are nine more start-ups eager to engage with future partners or clients:

Aragro (Nicaragua) combines agricultural information including inventory, machinery, human resources and finances into its farm management software to help growers manage large to mid-scale agricultural operations throughout Latin America.

Meristem (Chile) uses molecular biology techniques, genome sequencing and plant in vitro culture to enable precision breeding of fruit crops.

Mastera (Brazil) transforms data into solutions suitable to the field through a platform that speeds up the access and development of new technologies improving global agriculture.

Agro Open Bank (Brazil) has developed a digital ecosystem for agribusiness credit, connecting farmers, retailers and financial agents for better and faster assessments and credit offers.

GroPro (USA) manufactures bioproducts with enhanced efficacy, from bio fertilizers, insecticides, to fungicides, and nematicides.

Sensix (Brazil) platform presents a holistic view of the farm information flow, with real-time fertility, crop, biomass and key attributes generating recommendations to influence crop profitability.

Farmdar (Pakistan) collects raw data from mobile real-time soil sensors and AI to generate plant health, waste and fertilizer reports that help farmers and corporates make timely and calculated solutions.

100% Livre (Brazil) produces and grows food in a fully controlled environment, in-house developed system and patented equipment.

Nat4Bio (Argentina) develops natural and edible fruit coatings that extend the shelf life of fresh produce and replace synthetic pesticides used in the food system.

Scale-Ups Share Experience

Successful innovators are a critical part of the agtech conversation, and the summit welcomes industry entrepreneurs to the discussion to share their perspectives in sessions across the agenda:

Matheus Ganem (Seedz) talks verticalization trends for ag distribution chains.

Fabricio Pezente (Traive) explores the latest innovation in agri-fintech to improve farmers’ access to finance.

Jairo Trad (Kilimo) reviews new strategies and technologies to support regenerative agriculture and carbon farming.

Mariana Vasconcelos (Agrosmart) discusses the future of agriculture in South America and what we can expect to see from the industry in the years to come.

Diego Hoter (Ucrop.it) addresses supply chain traceability challenges along the value chain.

Carlos Perez (Bioheuris) dives into the advances in genomics and crop breeding technologies that are producing the cultivars of the future.

Gabriel Vidal (AgriAcordo) will host a roundtable on the future of the ag input chain, while Elisa Bertini (Puna Bio) hosts a roundtable on the commercial adoption of biologicals.

They’ll be joined by even more start-ups seeking new connections and potential partners to scale their solutions at the two-day World Agri-Tech South America Summit on June 20-21 in São Paulo, with hundreds of agri-food corporates, government agencies, investors and tech providers.

The full program with the senior speaker faculty, start-up profiles and delegate registration are available at www.worldagritechsouthamerica.com.