World Agri-Tech South America welcomed 690+ agribusiness corporates, investors, growers and start-ups to exchange ideas, share experiences and forge new partnerships in São Paulo.

What an amazing two days of high-energy networking and compelling discussions, buzzing with energy as everyone was eager to be back together in the flesh!

Celebrating our first in-person event in São Paulo with a live audience of 550, the summit was also streamed virtually to a global audience of 140+ delegates online. The platform is still open for networking and registrations for one month. Register Now to access or Log In if you’re already a delegate.

Check out our summit highlights below.

Who Joined Us?

Here are just some of the global players and industry leaders who joined us at the World Agri-Tech South America Summit in São Paulo and online:

Relive 2 Packed Days With The Video Highlights

Highlights From the Summit Stage

The Rise of a Superpower: Accelerating Agri-Food Innovation & Growth in South America

“Brazil made a fantastic transformation in the last 5 decades. We moved from being a food insecure country, a net importer of food fiber and bio energy, to become one of largest producers of beef, orange juice, soybean, corn and fibers. We invested hard in science, tech and innovation, and transformed Brazil into one of the powerhouses in the world.” Celso Luiz Moretti, President, EMBRAPA

Sustainable Agriculture: Definition, Consolidation & Implementation at Scale

“Farmers cannot be vilified and the food system cannot be vilified. We all know one of the responses to climate change is to phase out fossil fuels, but we cannot phase out food. We need to work within the system to make it regenerative, we need to enable farmers and fishers everywhere with the right incentives and price signals so agriculture can thrive. Farmers mean well.” Joao Campari, Global Leader, Food Practice, WWF INTERNATIONAL

Supporting Innovation Scale-Up

“The fact that the domestic and regional ag market is very heated, very resilient and adopting tech is because the underlying growth and fundamentals are very healthy. Companies will continue to grow, there is a huge push from investors to push towards positive economics and to at least have operating breakeven in sight.”  Francisco Jardim, Founding Partner, SP VENTURES

Building a Thriving Agri-Food Innovation Ecosystem in South America

“We have to see ourselves as a region, Latam as a region is stronger than Brazil or Mexico alone. Solutions that work in one country can work in another, we have to build those bridges for companies to share and to expand, venture capital is much more about growing than staying in just one place.” Ana Laura Fernández, Director of Impact Investments, FONDO DE FONDOS

What Our Delegates Say

“While the content and panels were great, the real action happened outside in the networking space, booths and corridors of the Summit. I just could not stretch the physical space-time boundaries of that great, intensive 2-day summit to make it more fruitful!”

Managing Director, THE YIELD LAB LATAM

“The best and most complete ag event I’ve ever attended, connecting the entire ecosystem to offer rich and quality content and also digital trends that will certainly add a lot of value to everyone.”

Chief Digital Officer, LAVORO AGRO

“The relationship-driven summit that enables the industry’s best and brightest to connect and discuss the innovation and changes on the industry horizon. World Agri-Tech events are consistently among the best in the agriculture sector!”

Co-Founder and CEO, PROVIVI

“A perfect platform to meet funds and entrepreneurs for our pipeline in the Latam Impact Fund and to meet potential LPs. Latin America’s innovation ecosystem has developed solutions to generate profitable and climate friendly companies that with the support of VCs and growth funds will cross borders.”

Director Impact Investments, FONDO DE FONDOS

“Amazing how in such a short time we get so many high-level contacts and great content!”

Managing Director, BERMAD BRASIL

“This event was an opportunity to connect with major players throughout Latam and to develop a point of view on what would be required to enter the market. From that perspective, this was a home run for us as we made truly valuable connections, came away with valuable insights and prospect opportunities! It was a resounding success.”


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